A night till tomorrow

Photo by Min An from Pexels
The evening makes his appearance slowly,
The stars and the moon, dutiful surround the sky
With their caring light, and lights the whole world
To we can feel us in safety, during the night.

Lord set the moon and stars, on the sky
To can see and guard us, better
I wish as for all good souls, from the earth
To be into God guard, for the night

And for tomorrow day, don't forget
To say's, to Lord a prayer
And thank Lord for a day,
What gone, in a pleasant way.

Because each one of us
Hope into our souls, for a new tomorrow,
And how we know, the hope dies the last . . .
Let's beautiful people, to have

A good night, all of us,
With hoping in souls, for an blessed . . . tomorrow
With God will . . .

by/Sorina Hasballa

Published by angely#words4you#

Imi iubesc eu-l, dar nu mai mult decat pe Dumnezeu.

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